Offline Hands-on Cheese Classes

Smell Feel & Taste the Cheese while you make your own Cheese!

Dhvani Desai holding a clotche of Cheese

Make Cheese along with me!!!

“There is not much fun and excitement than to see the faces of all the students while the cheese is being made, and how it smells and tastes at every stage of the cheese making process.

I am so excited to share my 12 years of Cheese Making experience with you. My only focus will be towards simplifying the process as much as possible and sharing all the tips and tricks, to make Cheese making easy fun and enjoyable within an Indian kitchen.

If this is what excites you, then I invite you for my Physical Cheese Making Classes! Where you will get to see the process first hand, make the cheese on your own and also take some Cheese home with you.”

Our Hands-on Physical classes are held in Mumbai.
Exact Address & venue may keep changing.

You will learn to make each of theses cheese from scratch and take it home with you!

These offline workshops will be held for a limited period so make the most while they last!

2 days Hands-on Cheese Workshop :

Tomme Cheese & Fresh Quark Cheese Course

#You will be making Tomme Cheese & Fresh Quark Cheese!
# 2-day Intensive hands-on Cheese Making Workshop
Lunch and evening tea will be provided
on Day 1
# You will get to take some Cheese home with you!
Duration: 1 full day + 1 hour of Day 2
When: Choose your date preference and click on Register!
Where: Mumbai (Ic colony, Borivali)
Fees: 25000 15000 for 2 persons
(Early bird offer is only for few days)

Tomme is a simple hard melty Cheese! You will be amazed at its simplicity. And Fresh Quark Cheese is very similar to Cream Cheese, but much simpler! Both are extremely easy to begin your journey in the Cheese Making Arena! And extremely delicious cheeses too!

Its also a great workshop for those who want to have some fun and a day around cheese. You are will be an amazing Cheese making experience while participating in this hands-on workshop!!!

Let us know your preferred date by clicking on the button below:

WHATS INCLUDED in all above courses:

  1. Actual Cheese making: You will make your own cheese from scratch (from milk) and the final cheese can be taken home with you!
  2. Hands-on Cheese Making workshop, where you will get your own individual station to make Cheese.
  3. Taste, smell, and feel the cheese through the entire process
  4. Lunch & evening Coffee will be provided!
  5. Recipe notes, Source links and contacts for all the ingredients & tools, will be provided
  6. Lots of tips and tricks to make these cheeses in your own homes, using everday tools.
  7. Personal attention and guidance while making these Cheese
  8. Space: It will be a very clean comfortable and airy room with Airconditioning.


  1. Q: Will this workshop have other students?
    A: Yes this workshop may have other students but you/your group will get your own workstation
  2. Q: Will get to make my own cheese, or will I have to share this process with others?
    A: You will get to make your own Cheese!
  3. Q: Do I need to bring anything for this workshop?
    A: You need to carry a container for taking the Cheese back with you; A notebook and a pen.
  4. Q: Is the Rennet Vegetarian?
    A: Yes the rennet is vegetarian. And the entire cheese process is vegetarian.
  5. Q: Will I need to order any ingredient or tools from abroad to make these cheeses?
    A: No you can make all these cheese with ingredients and tools available in India.
  6. Q: Who will be the instructor?
    A: Dhvani Desai will be the instructor

Virtual Workshops Instead?

Are you unable to attend a physical workshop due to time, or other reasons? No problem. You can learn cheese making at your own time & pace, in the comfort of your home. Slowly sip on your tea or coffee, & savor the cheese-making process over a few days, through our Virtual / Online Workshops!

Our virtual workshops can be taken from any part of the globe. You can purchase the course either in Rupees or in Dollars. You will get an access of 1 year to view each of the courses. So go indulge and learn how to make Cheese! Cheers!