Your Confidence in Cheese is my Mission!!

If you are a cheese lover & you have all those questions about which Cheese is good for you? Which Cheese is good for your child? Is Cheese Healthy? I invite you to my exclusive Free Cheese Masterclass where you will learn everything about Cheese available in India!!!

Brie cheese melty

Cheese Making Classes online!

Learn to Make Artisanal Cheese in your own home!

Dhvani – Founder of Casa Del Cheese, is an extremely passionate Cheese maker & has been making Cheese since 2011. She was amongst the pioneers of Artisan Cheese making in India. And has created some of the most unique and most lovable Cheeses catering to the Indian Palette, including the famous Patra ni Cheese (leaf wrapped camembert style Cheese) & the Cranberry cheddar medallions! Since July 2021 she shifted her focus from producing Cheese to spreading Cheese awareness in the nation! Her Cheese making workshops have already created a storm! Her main focus is to ensure that you can make real Artisan Cheese in your own home kitchen!

Learn More about Dhvani!

The pandemic is finally behind us. If you wish to learn cheese making, through smell, taste and touch, I invite you to the offline Cheese making Workshop

We are introducing an exclusive hands-on workshop, where you get to make the cheese on your own and take it home with you!! For all of you who have been requesting me for one, here it is!! This workshop will be conducted in my space, in Mumbai. .

It will be a small batch. Limited Seats! Hope to see you on the other side!

You Can take these Classes from the comfort of your home, from anywhere in the country and outside!


All our virtual Classes are beautifully designed for you to grasp & make cheese in your own home!!!

The Workshop was just fabulous! I am a complete fan of Dhvani. She is a wonderful teacher! Her teaching style & patience is upto the mark. It was taught so simply, that it was easy to make at home! I highly recommend her!

Sandhya Shah
Fashion Designer & Founder of Palenquine

Vidya Suvarna, Operations Head

“It was a great Cheesemaking Class! The video was very precise and very informative so it was easy to grasp! I am honestly going to try making cheese soon! I loveeeee Cheese!” Operations Head, Falguni…

Priya Pawaskar, Professor

Well, I have been interested in fresh and authentic cheeses. Over the counter branded cheeses don’t satisfy the taste-buds. There is always a concern about the processing that reduces its health quotient. I had always…

Sonal Athwani, Gourmet Caterer

I have been following Casa Del Cheese on Instagram, since long. I love her work so much! When I came to know about her Cheese Making workshop I wanted to join it as a part…

Shalini Rattan, Founder Gelateria

I love cheese & I had been following Casa Del Cheese’s FB page for a white! When I read about the Cheese Making Class, I HAD to register for it immediately….. And I’m so glad I did it! The workshop met…

Sandhya Shah, Fashion Designer

The Workshop was just fabulous! I am a complete fan of Dhvani. She is a wonderful teacher! Her teaching style & patience is upto the mark. It was taught so simple, that it was easy to make at home! I highly…

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Would you like take a Cheese Making Workshop???

Kindly share with me your details, and why would you like to learn Cheese making! Fill up the form below and I will be very happy to connect with you!

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