Make a simple Gourmet Salad in minutes

Make a simple Gourmet Salad in minutes | Parmesan Cheese

Are you all worked up while creating the perfect gourmet salad? Getting confused about where to begin ?

A good salad can uplift any meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner… be it even a sandwich or a soup! But to make a gourmet one… as an accompaniment can be intimidating sometimes.

We begin by thinking the steps… Do I need to add a salad dressing maybe? Some veges maybe? Should they be raw or grilled? Should I add some nuts or seeds? What will make this salad gourmet. And while thinking of all this, one might just postpone it to another day… 😅

Heres a super simple recipe for making a Gourmet Salad in minutes:

Step 1

GREENS get any fresh leaves or lettuce that you may want to use in the salad. I sometimes use radish greens or beet greens as well.

Step 2

Toss with olive oil, salt pepper

Step 3

Add any good quality Parmesan cheese. If you dont have that use any Hard cheese. And that’s it! As simple as that! A good cheese can make your simple salad, completely gourmet! Enjoy!

Now use this as a base salad, and build on it. you could add more condiments, herbs, vinaigrettes, sauces, nuts, seeds, fruits, grilled vegetables, dried fruits, anything you want! But if you don’t want to complicate, just go with the simple recipe above

By Dhvani Desai

Hey there! After Making & selling cheese for over 10 years under the brand – Casa Del Cheese , I decided to document all my processes, including every single nuance, tips and tricks… that I followed, every failure that I had stumbled upon… every magical experience… and decided to share this pool knowledge through this mini Cheese Academy that I have created. I am very very passionate about teaching Cheese Making, and extremely happy when the students are able to create their own signature version of this beautiful amalgamation of art and science called Cheese. My aim is to simplify it as much as possible, so that one can get started and dive right into the process. For me cheese making was more of an art, than a science. It was more of a creative journey… than a scientific one. However, you are free to make this journey yours, and create the perfect balance between the two. (marry both art and science… in your unique way and create your own magic!) I will be honest, Initially I was a little bit hesitant on sharing this knowledge… which I thought was extremely precious to me. However, I realized that Cheese is a vast and expansive ocean… where no matter how many of us make cheese… everyone interprets it in their own way… and hence will make something that is so unique to them. And within the Indian scenario, or in Indian landscape… incorporating our the diverse culture, into the world of Cheese, will certainly take it to another level. And I cant wait to find out how!!! So do join me in my workshops and lets explore the journey together… into the world of Cheese 🙂 !!! Dhvani

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