What is happiness to you?

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What is happiness to you, someone asked me? What brings a smile to your face. I thought – food? family? career? cheese? peace? love? What really stood out for me was one word: Freedom!

My curious journey!

The challenge of discovering something new… The thrill of seeing imagination turn to reality totally consumed me. The urge was so hard that I was ready to put aside my goal to earn money. And I wonder if this is something which you guys can relate too? I am not sure its ideal… but this was my journey. And there were pluses and minuses!

Intro – My Business Diary

Quark Cheese!

As I started out as an entrepreneur, already there were a million challenges I was facing everyday. As compared to the cushy job I had for 9 years as a journalist. After the first year which was a dream, it all fizzled out, and reality surfaced.

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