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This an introduction to a tiny section within the Casa Del Cheese blog. Its called MY BUSINESS DIARY! I’m excited to share my journey with you guys… all the challenges I faced & all the learnings I discovered as I chugged along.

As I started out as an entrepreneur, already there were a million challenges I was facing everyday. As compared to the cushy job I had for 9 years as a journalist. After the first year which was a dream, it all fizzled out, and reality surfaced. I was struggling in all areas, right from sales, marketing, operations, hiring, firing etc… However, out of all the challenges I faced, I found it the toughest to deal with, the basic mindset issues… the mental blocs, the psychological barriers, And these were the toughest to combat, at every stage. As they would multiply the extent of all other challenges. They would bring down my spirit, momentum and over all productivity. It would take a lot of effort to push it back in action. Sometimes I was not even able to see and enjoy the milestones I had crossed, or the victories I had experienced. I was too focused on the issues & what was not going right.

I did not come from an entrepreneurship background… where a lot of these mindset settings are automated… My dad passed away young… and it was the toughest for me to deal with that… when I began as an entrepreneur. I really could feel that I did not have an umbrella above my head… I had to make one for myself. And I felt the same for him, when he was struggling for support during his illness, as a business owner. And I never showed any interest. I always thought I was the creative type… and entrepreneurship wasn’t my thing. But that’s a separate chapter. Anyways, here I am… in his shoes, 25 years later. Trying to make sense of it all… and it’s still work in progress. I am learning every day. Everyday is a new experience. New challenges and new ways of dealing with them. I have adopted to this way of life now. And I am happy to call myself an Entrepreneur today!!! I hope that there is something meaningful for you to take away from here… something which I longed all through out… to hear from another entrepreneur!

By Dhvani Desai

Hey there! After Making & selling cheese for over 10 years under the brand – Casa Del Cheese , I decided to document all my processes, including every single nuance, tips and tricks… that I followed, every failure that I had stumbled upon… every magical experience… and decided to share this pool knowledge through this mini Cheese Academy that I have created. I am very very passionate about teaching Cheese Making, and extremely happy when the students are able to create their own signature version of this beautiful amalgamation of art and science called Cheese. My aim is to simplify it as much as possible, so that one can get started and dive right into the process. For me cheese making was more of an art, than a science. It was more of a creative journey… than a scientific one. However, you are free to make this journey yours, and create the perfect balance between the two. (marry both art and science… in your unique way and create your own magic!) I will be honest, Initially I was a little bit hesitant on sharing this knowledge… which I thought was extremely precious to me. However, I realized that Cheese is a vast and expansive ocean… where no matter how many of us make cheese… everyone interprets it in their own way… and hence will make something that is so unique to them. And within the Indian scenario, or in Indian landscape… incorporating our the diverse culture, into the world of Cheese, will certainly take it to another level. And I cant wait to find out how!!! So do join me in my workshops and lets explore the journey together… into the world of Cheese 🙂 !!! Dhvani

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